Rethinking Impact Assessment
& Connecting Sustainable Developers

The platform for cost-efficient, decentralized, and client-centric impact assessment, to track, share and upscale sustainable investment activities

About Us

Access to finance is one of the major barriers towards access to basic services, such as energy, housing, water, education, sanitation, and waste management.
At HEDERA, we believe in the potential of financial inclusion to impact sustainable development and to completely rethink impact assessment. Our mission is to empower inclusive financial institutions by providing solutions and tools for cost-effective impact assessment at the household level, and improved transparency and visibility towards investors.

HEDERA is creating a network for all stakeholders interested in funding, supporting, and implementing inclusive finance initiatives committed to the Sustainable Development Goals.
Moreover, we provide financial institutions with efficient data collection tools that allow to track the results of energy inclusion interventions at the level of single household with marginal additional costs. Through our data analysis and monitoring solutions, organizations will be able to assess the impact of interventions using latest impact assessment standards, and monitor the progress of their clients in regards to the access to energy.
The whole investment process, from impact investors to microfinance institutions and other microfinance stakeholders, happens mostly offline with high costs and low efficiency. Natalia Realpe, CEO of Hedera

A cross-sectorial professional network for sustainable developers

HEDERA will provide a virtual meeting place to revolutionize the pipeline of impact investment processes committed to financial inclusion and SDGs. We offer a platform to enhance the visibility of financial institutions (MFIs, rural banks, cooperatives) and basic needs services providers (SMEs), by connecting them to microfinance investment vehicles, impact investors, and to all other stakeholders interested in cross-sectorial partnerships. The platform will allow to efficiently identify investment opportunities, create connection of stakeholders in different sectors, evaluate and upscale business partnerships and collaborative development initiatives.

Energy Access & Energy Poverty Monitoring

Impact assessment and impact management are key aspects toward the success of development programs and collaborative projects. Current assessment methodologies lack of standard metrics and are mainly restricted to corporative indicators. In the context of SDG7 - energy access for all - the majority of stakeholders measure impact based on the energy technology sold by companies, or on the amount of energy credits disboursed by financial institutions. HEDERA develops novel tools for the household-based (client-centric) assessment of energy access, based on the Multi-Tier Framework (introduced by the ESMAP sector of the World Bank) and the Progress out of Energy Poverty Index (PEPI).
Through our solution, real progress on energy access can be measured along several attributes, aligned to latest standards. Moreover, the analysis can be adapted to different national, regional, and local contexts, enabling, at the same time, cost-effective impact reporting and markets assessment studies.

We believe that inclusive financial institutions
are the most powerful vehicles towards Sustainable Development Goals


Financial Institutions

HEDERA focuses on the inclusive finance sector and targets microfinance institutions, rural and ethic banks, rural cooperatives, are Our solutions will support you in finding the right partners, implement data-driven and cost-efficient market assessment studies, generate SDG-aligned impact report, and increase your visibility towards donors.

Basic Needs Service Providers

At HEDERA, you will be able to establish robust and high-impact partnerships with financial institutions, consulting companies, and impact investors, in order to expand your market and offer your services in connection with dedicated and innovative repayment schemes in rural and remote areas.

Impact Investors

Commmitted funding institutions are extremely important for supporting both microfinance and basic needs suppliers. With HEDERA you will be able to efficiently screen the microfinance market to find the ideal investees, as well as manage fund programs aiming at providing basic infrastructure to the ones that most need.


Networks, whether at regional, national, or international level, play a key role in sustainable development. HEDERA will enable and efficient communication across different networks, facilitating information sharing (events, webinars, publications), as well as provide solution to optimize the interaction between your network and your members.


Join HEDERA if you are interested in performing research (field studies, thesis, project outcome analysis) together with FIs and basic needs service providers. We will introduce you to practitioners and provide you a platform for communicating with them.


Currently, you are an indispensable ring of the chain between MFIs and service providers, when developing partnership projects. Through HEDERA you will be able to enhance your partnership opportunities, offering FIs and SMEs a broaden view on the sustainable development sector.


The Hedera platform will be launched in 2019. To be one of our first users, subscribe to our newsletter.

Das Projekt Hedera wird im Rahmen des EXIST-Programms durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft, und Energie und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert (The Hedera project is funded by the EXIST program of the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, and the European Social Fund)
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