Sustainable Solutions for
Impact Assessment

Sustainable investment needs a sustainable impact assessment:
transparent, demand-driven, and cost-effective.
We help impact investors and inclusive financial institutions to enable affordable, reliable and sustainable energy access for all.

Our Mission

Access to finance is one of the major barriers towards access to basic services, such as energy, housing, water, or education. The financial gap towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda can be only closed with a multilateral effort of impact investors and inclusive financial institutions committed to their social mission.
We believe that hard targets can be only achieved when they are defined by standard, transparent, and accurate indicators. And we believe that inclusive financial institutions have a great potential to impact sustainable development by focusing on the needs of their clients.
HEDERA helps impact investors, financial institutions, and energy technology providers to design, assess, and monitor investment programs to ensure access to modern, affordable, and sustainable energy for all. Our software solutions enable the client-centric assessment of energy access and energy expenses. Focusing on the clients, on their needs, and on what really matters to improve their quality of life.

The HEDERA Impact Toolkit provides financial institutions with optimized mobile surveys, based on the lastest standard for energy access assessment. In less than 10 minutes per household, institutions and investors have a detailed picture of their results, the social and environmental value of the investment, and the progress at the level of single households. Data can be easily visualized within our dashboard. Our data analysis software can be also used to generate digital, interactive and navigable impact reports aligned with latest impact standards regards to the access to energy. Our mission is to empower inclusive financial institutions, improving transparency and enhancing their visibility towards investors. To achieve this goal, HEDERA is creating a platform for all stakeholders interested in funding, supporting, and implementing inclusive finance initiatives committed to the Sustainable Development Goals.
We believe that inclusive financial institutions
are the most powerful vehicles for not leaving anyone behind.

Software Solutions

Data Collection App

Mobile survey tool that optimizes the latest standard for energy assessment

Web and Desktop App

Energy Access Dashboard for data analysis and visualization

Digital Impact Reports

Automatic and interactive reports aligned to latest impact indicators

Matchmaking Network

A virtual meeting place for all stakeholders commmitted to financial inclusion and SDGs

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The whole investment process, from impact investors to microfinance institutions and other microfinance stakeholders, happens mostly offline with high costs and low efficiency. Natalia Realpe, CEO of Hedera

Our Customers

Impact Investors

With HEDERA you will be able to efficiently screen the investees market to find the ideal partners, as well as monitor the impact of funding programs.

Financial Institutions

Our solutions help inclusive finance institutions in implementing data-driven and cost-efficient market assessment studies, generate SDG-aligned impact report, and finding the right investment partners

Energy Technology Providers

HEDERA will assist you in developing impact assessment pipelines and in establishing robust partnerships with financial institutions, and impact investors

Case Studies

We started in 2019 several pilot projects to test our solutions in different local contexts.
Have a look at our ongoing and completed case studies (below), or browse our portfolio
Fondesurco Household Energy Access Assessment in Arequipa
Peruvian microfinance institution: Fondesurco
Microbanco Energy Access Assessment at the Household Level in Mozambique
Mozambique microfinance institution: Microbanco Confiança
Kenya Energy Access Assessment at the Household Level in Kenya
Field research study:
Te Creemos (Mexico) Energy Access Assessment in Mexico
Mexican microfinance institution:
Te Creemos

Our Team


Natalia Realpe Carrillo


Alberto Diaz-Durana


Lilo Wagner

Business Dev

Alfonso Caiazzo

Software Dev

Latest News


The Hedera Impact Toolkit and the Hedera platform will be launched in 2019. Contact us and register to our newsletter to become a first user.

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