The HEDERA Impact Toolkit

Tracking progresses towards SDG7

Enabling cost-effective impact assessment at the household level

Measuring Energy Access

Energy access is multidimensional. Binary indicators (such as off-grid/on-grid, or cooking with/without biomass) are not sufficient for measuring energy poverty. Especially in remote regions where energy access depends on very diverse sources, simple binary indicators are often misleading. The ESMAP(Energy Sector and Management Program - The World Bank) has recently introduced the Multi-Tier Framework (MTF). Resulted from a set of studies in collaboration with academics and practitioners, the scope of the MTF is to track energy access and energy poverty along all the relevant dimensions, such as apacity, durability, quality, affordability, legality, availability, convenience, health and safety. In the MTF, each household is ranked in a Tier (from 0 - the lowest - to 5), according to the available electricity source, illumination appliances, and available cooking solutions.

Rethinking SDG Reporting: PEPI & MTF

The HEDERA Impact Toolkit is based on the Progress out of Energy Poverty Index (PEPI). The PEPI builds upon the MTF, measuring all dimensions of energy access. Tayloring the framework and the survey to be used within the Microfinance industry, the PEPI has been designed to track the progress towards SDG7 at the level of single households.
The HEDERA Impact Toolkit combines the PEPI with a a microfinance-driven crowdsourcing of field data, drastically reducing costs for energy needs assessment, baseline assessment, and monitoring.


The HEDERA Impact Toolkit helps all organizations (impact investors, inclusive financial institutions, governmental organizations, NGOs, consultants, and academia) committed to increase the access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy. Our tools support our clients in identifying energy needs of the rural populations, design energy access programs, evaluate the impact and monitor the progress out of energy poverty.

Efficient Data Collection

The HEDERA Impact Toolkit comes with a simple, ready-to-use offline data collection tool which requires minimal training, and capture household energy access in less than 10 minutes.

Accurate Results

Our solution can be easily integrated in standard client surveys, integrating the energy access data with geolocalization and social information.


The collected data can be visualized within an Energy Access Dashboard, where each institution can overview the collection campaignes, filter field data according to several criteria, and analyze the results using the Multi-tier Framework.

Analysis, Monitoring, and Reporting

The HEDERA Impact Toolkit allows implementers, investees, and investors to generate digital standardized impact report. The report are provided as PDF, or created as interactive and navigable web applications.

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