The HEDERA Digital Training Platform

Education and Training are the Foundation of Development

HEDERA has developed a software solution that gives professionals in the inclusive finance sector an opportunity to provide and receive remote training on relevant topics, to help institutions improve their impact assessment and programs on access to basic services, in order to enhance their clients’ lives and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The HEDERA training platform enables the creation, management, and monitoring of training material.
It also provides a space for knowledge exchange and follow-up on brief and long-term trainings. It provides two types of users access to its features:
  • Apprentices, who use the platform to learn, will have access to predefined courses
  • Trainers, who design the courses enabled on the platform


Trainer are able to:
  • Add content to courses
  • Manage users
  • Conduct and attend online training sessions
  • Communicate with course participants
  • Rate and evaluate exercises and exams


Each course offers:
  • Videoconferencing guided by the course trainer
  • Course materials (PDFs, embedded videos, digital resources)
  • Course feedback section, where users can submit their feedback
  • Assessment section designed by Trainers
  • Grades section


Apprentices who use the HEDERA training platform will have access to predefined courses.  The process of enrolling in courses happens automatically and is supported by our platform administration. For admission to HEDERA training courses, each Apprentice receives credentials to access his/her profile.
The platform has a personalized Control Panel that shows the courses the Apprentice is enrolled in, progress in these courses, and feedback from the trainers.


Each course has dedicated sections aimed to constantly improve the learning experience:

  • Chat section where users get notifications about the course and messages from the trainer and can chat with other participants
  • Section for rating and evaluating exercises and exams
  • Course feedback section for apprentices
  • Grades section where course participants can see their test scores


HEDERA provides the platform management and 24/7 support for training courses.
Our service includes:

Creation of new courses
Creating Trainer and Apprentice Users
Support for enabling and enrolling apprentices in the appropriate courses
Assistance in the use of the Trainer Tools
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