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We invite you to discover our contribution to health centers, microfinance institutions, and basic service providers in developing countries for COVID-19 management: the COVID-19 toolkit and HEDERA training platform. (See more...)

With our digital products, financial institutions and other organizations can collect high quality data and efficiently track their contribution to the SDGs.
Our client-centric assessment and automated reporting tools combine cutting edge software with the latest standard indicators.
We want to make impact monitoring easier, scalable, and more transparent.

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Know your beneficiaries. Track your results. Improve your impact.
Our unique impact toolkit enables you to collect, analyze, and report standardized, household-based, & internationally recognized sustainability metrics.
Easy to use. Customized to meet your needs.

Our contribution to health centers and microfinance institutions for COVID-19 management: the COVID-19 toolkit


The HEDERA training platform enables the creation, management, and monitoring of training materials and provides a space for knowledge exchange and follow-up on brief and long-term trainings.

Create your own sessions and users. Train your staff remotely.

The entire investment process, involving everyone from impact investors to microfinance institutions and other microfinance stakeholders, happens mostly offline, with high costs and low efficiency. We want to change this.

Natalia Realpe, HEDERA CEO


On Friday, August 28th, Natalia participated in a webinar called "The 5th Orientation Day, ZNI (Non-Interconnected Zones) Colombia," led by the Superintendencia de Servicios of Colombia in Bogotá. The webinar focused on how to align strategies in order to achieve 100% electrification in Colombia.
The discussion was quite fruitful, and HEDERA plans to partner with the Superintendencia de Servicios on research projects in the near future.

Watch the recording of the session here.

Alberto recently gave a pitch for HEDERA at the Rooftop Pitch Potsdam 2020, held on August 11th and organized by Potsdam Science Park.
HEDERA was the only startup present focused on impact measurement/sustainable development and will participate in the next round of meetings with investors.

The first day of the forum, in the panel discussion entitled How to measure and manage the sustainability impact of new ventures?, moderated by Klaus Fichter, the panelists explored the relevance and implications of impact assessment for new ventures, as well as in the development sector. In a debate style format, together with Frank Ackermann, SDG Investments' Managing Partner, and Karl H. Richter, Executive Director and Co-Founder of EngagedX, Natalia gave her insights on the approach towards impact assessment from two perspectives, that of a social entrepreneur and that of the director of a company conducting impact assessment for the microfinance sector.

We invite you to listen to the recording here:

The second day, in the session entitled Digital approaches and tools for the assessment of sustainability impacts of new ventures, Natalia presented HEDERA's approach and vision regarding impact assessment, as well as the tools we have developed for MFIs. Through the lens of why and how, Natalia revealed HEDERA's background, main purpose, and revolutionary goal of changing perspectives on the business-as-usual approach to impact assessment.

A discussion worth listening to!

nachhaltig.digital is a platform for sustainability and digitization in small and medium-sized businesses. Initiated by DBU and B.A.U.M., it promotes examples of best practices.
We are proud to be one such example!
Read Natalia’s interview here and check out the map here.

As the novel coronavirus continues to rapidly spread across the world and throughout the most vulnerable communities, we need to be able to quickly and easily identify at-risk people who may be infected, as well as determine and meet the needs of people at the bottom of the pyramid.
For this purpose, we have developed a simple COVID-19 diagnostic questionnaire and incorporated it into our HEDERA collect mobile app. We have also enabled several different surveys that users can select on the impact of COVID-19 and the lockdown on people and their needs during this time. Learn more about the COVID-19 toolkit here.
Organizations can use the app, including the COVID-19 questionnaires and our standard surveys on access to basic services, poverty measurement, and agriculture monitoring for SDG assessment, along with the associated dashboards, for free until September 30, 2020.
If interested, please fill out the contact form or send an email to contact@hedera.online.

We are proud to announce that HEDERA will receive financial support from the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt) through the Green Start-up Program. The program is dedicated to companies - in the early stage - that develop innovative solutions combining sustainability and digitization.
We are extremely honored to be part of this program and this network and excited to contribute to the sustainability entrepreneurship sector in Germany and abroad!

Read the official press release of the DBU here.


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We offer short internships in marketing, management support, and software development (Python, React.js, HTML, CSS), as well as the opportunity to pursue Bachelor and Master theses in the area of sustainable development and impact assessment.

If interested, please send your application via email to team@hedera.online.


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