We want to make sustainability measurable, transparent, and centered on peoples needs


Microfinance does not alleviate poverty. Microfinance helps vulnerable population to overcome financial barriers to access to basic services, such as energy (through green loans), housing, water (water credits), or education, as well as to strenthen resilience to climate change.
We believe that microfinance institutions are a powerful vehicle for sustainable development, with a great impact on people. HEDERA helps financial institutions to efficiently analyze the needs and the demand of their clients in terms of basic services and to track their contribution to the SDGs. Sustainable development can only be achieved through the establishment of transparent and insightful indicators. These indicators are multidimensional, not binary. And they shall capture the needs of single households. This is the only way how we can ensure that investments do what they are meant for – help those in need.
We provide digital solutions for data collection, client-centric assessment, and reporting that combines the most recent software technologies with the latest standard impact indicators, such as the ESMAP Multi-Tier Framework for the access to energy (developed by the World Bank) and the WASH service ladder (developed by the WHO/UNICEF JMP).
The financial gap towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda can be only closed in a multilateral effort of the private and public sector. Our mission is to enable all the stakeholders commited to sustainable development to measure their real impact on all their clients. Our solutions allow to use standard reporting frameworks with minimal training. By facilitating the use of tehse common languages, we enable all institutions - even the smallest - to evaluate their impact at the triple bottom line, to sistematize their processes, and to communicate their achievements to their impact investors.



Natalia Realpe Carrillo



Alberto Diaz-Durana



Lilo Wagner

Business Developer


Alfonso Caiazzo

Software & Impact


We (Natalia, Alberto, Lilo & Alfonso) know each other for more than a decade. Before being co-founders of HEDERA Sustainable Solutions GmbH (officially incorporated in 2020), we have worked hardly building on our common vision of supporting, joining our expertise and skills in different disciplines, a transparent sustainable development.
The first impulse to start our entrepreneurship journey was the succesfull application, to the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE), the start-up incubator of the Technical University of Berlin, in August 2017. With the support of the CfE, our Team was awarded the EXIST Business Grant (from the Germany ministry of Energy and Economics) in October 2018.
The EXIST grant funded the Team for a year (until October 2019), allowing us to bring to market our first prototype of the HEDERA Impact Toolkit for the assessment of SDG, and to further develop it through several pilot projects in Africa and Latin America.
In September 2019, HEDERA was awarded on of the prestigious awards of the Gründerwettberwerb Digitale Innovationen a German competition which premiates twice a year the best business model ideas in the context of digital innovation.


We offer internships in the area of marketing, management support and software development (Python, React.js, HTML, CSS).

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