Our HEDERA Impact Toolkit


Energy Access Survey (based on the ESMAP Multi-Tier Framework)

WASH Household Survey (based on the WHO/UNICEF JMP Framework)

Poverty Probability Index (PPI) available for different countries and in different languages

Survey on agricultural practices (Spanish version)

Reducing the cost of field data collection is imperative if we want to be able to understand and address people's needs and make sure every voice is heard.
Our data collection app provides access to digitized versions of the latest questionnaires for assessing client needs, as well as social and environmental impact, based on the latest standards.


The HEDERA Dashboard helps institutions working in developing countries and their investors assess their performance based on inputs from their most valuable asset: their clients. The current version of the Dashboard enables detailed analysis based on the ESMAP Multi-Tier Framework for Energy Access. We are constantly updating our software to include the latest releases of standard impact indicators and methodologies that use household data.


What if impact reports could be automatically generated based on real-time data and were easy to share with everyone?
Based on the collected household data, we provide digital solutions that generate automatic impact reports aligned with the latest indicators. According to your needs, reports can be customized to integrate internal databases and/or external data (e.g. climate or social).