The Green Index 3.0 Digital Solution

The Green Index 3.0 Digital Solution of the e-MFP Green Inclusive and Climate Smart Finance Action Group (GICSF-AG) enables financial service providers (FSPs):
  • conduct an in-depth analysis of its green inclusive finance performance along a full set of qualitative and quantitative (outcome) indicators
  • understand their gaps, define priorities, and an action plan for improvement
  • receive training on which actions, processes, products, and tools could be implemented in green inclusive finance to improve FSPs performance.

Creative Commons Licence
The Green Index 3.0 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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For management

The Green Index 3.0 for management is the full Green Index 3.0. It has been conceived to be filled out by the management team (e.g., one senior staff responsible of environmental performance of the FSP, or a team of senior staff at the HQ including the CEO, the head of risks, credits, ESG responsibility, marketing and communication, among others) of FSPs at head quarters. The respondent should take care to gather all the relevant information about FSP knowledge in term of existing strategy, processes, documents, products, services, partnerships.

For field officers

The Green Index 3.0 for field officers contains only a subset of the indicators of the full Green Index 3.0. It focus only on those indicators that are relevant for field operations. It should be filled out by the branch managers and by the loan officers of the FSPs. The respondent should answer according to their own knowledge, i.e., without searching for additional information beyond what they already know. The purpose of this tool is to gather information about their own operations, processes, products, and portfolio, and not about the full FSP or about other staff members.


Demo report

The data collected via the digital solution can be used to generate automatic or semi-automatic reports.
Download a demo or contact the GICSF-AG for more information

Android Mobile Survey (Phone or Tablet)

The digital solution for the Green Index 3.0 has been implemented using data collection standards (ODK and Enketo). It can be filled on an Android device downloading the app ODK Collect and configuring it using this QR Code.


HEDERA created a glossary collecting the most important terms used in the tool. The document will be continuously updated. It is currently available in English, feel free to contact us if you want to collaborate for a translation or adjusting / complementing a definition.
Download the English version.
The content of the Green Index 3.0 is fully aligned with the Dimension 7, i.e., the environmental performance dimension of the Universal Standards for Social and Environmental Management (USSEPM), which was co-developed by SPTF, CERISE and the e-MFP GICSF-AG.
The Green Index 3.0 provides a more in-depth analysis, collect additional outcome indicators, and it enables the establishment of a detailed improvement action plan.

The Green Index 3.0 Digital Solution gives the opportunity to fill out:
  • The Green Index 3.0 in full mode, i.e., the full set of qualitative and quantitative (outcome) indicators, for a full fledge analysis
  • A shorter version (light Green Index 3.0), which contains only the indicators mapped to those in Dimension 7 of USSEPM.
If your organisation wants to undergo a lighter and progressive approach to green inclusive finance looking into the indicators included in Dimension 7 of USSEPM, click here to explore a digital version. If you are a social investor and want to see which environmental performance indicators are included in ALINUS, please click here to explore a digital version.
If you are interested in performing a full SPI or an ALINUS we refer you to the website for the SPI or to CERISE.

The e-MFP GICSF-AG values the opportunity to generate knowledge within the sector and favours transparency. The GICSF-AG is actively working to facilitate the automated sharing of data related to green inclusive finance among for financial services providers (FSPs) that are willing to do so. In particular CERISE, ATLAS, and the GICSF-AG are preparing an agreement to regulate mutual data sharing. This agreement will allow organisations completing the Green Index 3.0 to share part of their data (the indicators contained in Dimension 7 of USSEPM) within the updated versions of SPI online (to be released in Q3-Q4 2022) and ATLAS. As well, organisations that will complete SPI or ALINUS assessments within SPI Online will be able to share their data concerning environmental performance (Dimension 7 of USSEMP or the environmental performance indicators included in ALINUS) with the GICSF-AG, as well as map them into a light Green Index 3.0 assessment. More details will be provided as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Green Index 3.0 and the Digital Green Index 3.0 are provided to the sector free of charge by the e-MFP GICSF-AG. The Intellectual Property of the Green Index 3.0 is of the e-MFP GICSF-AG, and it should be acknowledged in each use. The Green Index 3.0 Digital Tool can be used by any stakeholder in the green inclusive finance sector, included but not limited to: Financial services providers, investors, consultant/consulting companies, research institutions.

The Digital Green Index 3.0 can be used for free for self-assessment without any cost. The GICSF-AG can provide support to interested FSPs and investors to undergo an expert audited Green Index 3.0 assessment, as well as to receive guidelines for the improvement of their environmental performance. The GICSF-AG also provides support to all stakeholders in terms of training on the use of the Green Index 3.0, on the use of the Digital Green Index 3.0 for environmental assessment, on the training of trainers, and on data analysis on green inclusive finance performance. If you are interested, please fill the contact form.

The e-MFP Green Inclusive & Climate Smart Finance Action Group (GICSF-AG) is a unique multi-stakeholders think tank that brings together inclusive finance practitioners to discuss, exchange experiences and find common path in dealing with environmental issues, grab green opportunities and create new practical tools to advance green inclusive and climate smart finance.
The GICSF-AG disseminates its results among e-MFP members and the inclusive finance sector at large, with the aim of increasing stakeholders' awareness of and commitment to act. It is meant as both an internal knowledge-sharing and external awareness-raising platform that serves as a reference in the inclusive finance sector.

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